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Posted On: 8/22/2016

Love living here...beautiful and peaceful!

We recently moved in this summer and love the beautiful new kitchen, super neat and clean wood floors and new bathrooms & appliances. Friendly and efficient staff, and feels very comfortable and safe. We would recommend this to anyone for perfect location and value.
By: Sarah     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 8/18/2016

An Almost Perfect Place to Live

Parking - I never experienced any parking issues. There are always parking spots available. Amenities - I only ever utilized the grills. I did try to use the fire pit, but was unable to because a resident did not return the keys. There is a really nice pool, and a small gym in the clubhouse. Maintenance - The staff is awesome - they always get the job done, and in a timely fashion. They are always pleasant, and they put up with my feisty dog so I appreciate them even more for that. The only area of improvement here is the trash - its disgusting at times, but that's not the maintenance staff fault as much as it is the residents fault. Staff - I'm pretty sure Marissa should be running this place as she is the only pleasant person in that office. Very easy to talk to and always helpful. When you are working a job that requires human interaction you should have strong interpersonal skills and Marissa is the only one in that office capable of effectively communicating with residents. Unfortunately, my experiences with others in the office outweighed those with Marissa. Value - You get what you pay for. Location - Yardley is a lovely town. Noise - Never had an issue regarding noise.
By: WB     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 1/12/2015

New Owners

The complex was recently purchased (2 months ago) by a new ownership group, and boy is positive change obvious. Since they bought it, they have done a huge upgrade to the landscaping (and I am told by the staff that they are only half done and the other half will start after the winter), brought in a new office assistant who is very pleasant and helpful and most importantly, have begun unbelievable renovations of the units (granite counters, wood floors and stainless steel appliances). I am going to move to one when my current lease expires. And they sent a letter to us recently telling us that they are building a new clubhouse, gym and BBQ area. Some of the tenants are a little upset because they are telling everyone that they can't leave their stuff outside their units or make decks, but i think its great. It looks terrible, and the owners care enough to clean it up.
By: Bill Renfield     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 1/7/2015

Love the new landscaping

The new owners are making great changes. The new landscaping and sample apartment are both terrific.
     Verified Resident
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